a few words about us

The Glanna Flock was commenced in 1934 by the late Jack Rayner with Mudgee fine wool ewes and rams of Dalkeith blood. From 1943 to 1984 rams from Bocoble were used. In 1984 97 ewes from the Glanna flock were passed by official inspection for the registration of the stud and in 1985 a further 205 ewes were also passed. In 1985 and 1986 69 stud ewes were purchased from the Merryville Stud. Since 1984 twenty one Merryville rams have been added to the stud ranging from superfine to medium wool including 1 show ram in 1985 purchased for $8,500 (Supreme Monarch), 1 in 1987 for $10,000 (Melbourne Monarch) and the highest priced ram sold at auction at Goulburn Ram Sale in 1989 for $34,000 (this being a Merryville ram from the Brilliant Monarch family). In 2000 a Merryville Stud Ram was purchased at Mudgee Ram Sale for $20,000, being a extra-superfine wool ram known at Glanna as “Director”. Numerous other Merryville rams have been purchased since then with the latest being a Fine-Medium ram at the Mudgee Ram Sale in February 2021. Our Fine-Medium wool family has been bred, originally using 2 Merryville Murgha Rams, Bocoble rams, a Koonwarra Ram and Glanna Fine wool family rams. 

 Our Poll Merino Stud was founded on Glanna, Merryville Poll, Roxanna, and Kurretta Poll bloodlines. Glanna purchased 72 Poll Special Stud ewes to $610 a head at the dispersal of the Roseville Park Poll Stud at Dubbo in 1989. Glanna purchased a Quamby Park Poll Stud Ram at the Goulburn Ram Sale in January 2002, for $5,500 this ram being a Fine Wool sire. In 2008 a Merryville Poll Stud Ram was purchased for $5250 at Armidale Ram Sale. In 2014 Glanna used semen from Willandra Desmond (WD) in our Poll Stud and also in 2016 at Hamilton Sheepvention Glanna purchased a Poll Sire from Glendonald Stud Victoria for $4400 (GD). From 1992 to 1997 Dr. Jim Watts, M.V.Sc. Ph.D. was engaged as technical advisor to Glanna. Also in July 1993 Owen O’Keefe was engaged as representative to the Glanna Stud operation, with Owen retiring in June 2003. In July 2002, Dennis Ekstedt was engaged as Glanna’s Victorian Representative for both Glanna Merino Stud and Glanna Merino Services. The Glanna stud has over the last 25 years continued to offer sheep and wool classing advice, with this now becoming a bigger part of the business with Ron and Jeff providing classing and consultancy advice for many clients throughout NSW and Victoria. The Glanna Stud is owned by Ron Rayner, wife Dianne, and son Jeff trading as Glanna Merino Stud.