on-property ram sale results

Overall Glanna sold 64 rams averaging $1934 and topping at $4800. The 26 Poll Merino Rams in the sale averaged $2423 and topped at $4400 twice. Top priced ram was sold to the Bateman Family, Orange for $4800 lot 26 He is a horned ram by the Glanna 5EF Sire. Volume buyers were Slapdash Creek Partnership. Buying 12 rams at $1950 average. O’Reilly Family bought 7 rams at $2314 average. Bateman Family Orange purchased 7 rams at $3857 average.

Pictured are (Left) John Newham (Bateman Family Stock Adviser) Ron Rayner (Glanna Merino Stud) Derek Hubert (Bateman Family Manager) with the ute load of 7 Rams that averaged $3857 and topped at $4800